Native Texan, Baby Boomer, Writer, Muse 


   I live in Austin, Texas, a city that thrives on weirdness - a perfect place to nurture my wildly active imagination and where all my fabulous children live.


   Life is like a collection of crazy short stories, and I get a huge kick out of turning them all into fiction. 

Short and Sweet Projects:


  • Published in Woman's Weekly, a fine 109 year-old magazine in London. Adelaide NY, a lovely magazine dedicated to short story writers and located in New York and Lisbon. Adelaide Books just published my first book in November 2020!


  • Contributing writer for Beyond Arts & More Magazine - a publication dedicated to promoting and highlighting Texas artists and the businesses which support them.  It's was a thrill to interview Monte Montgomery, guitarist extraordinaire and Jack Ables, owner of Saxon Pub, Luis Abreux - the fabulous Cuban artist, Sculptor and friend - Walter Stewart, ArtCrank, Jack Gilmore of Jack Allen's Kitchen and his son, Bryce of Barley Swine, Artist George Hampton and Shady Grove. 


  • I've also had the privilege of writing lyrics for these bands - Latin at Heart and Reel Sheboygan.

  • Collaborating with Evelyn M. Turner on her sequel, "Crawling out of the Darkness" as her second pair of eyes for envisioning the final shape of the novel was a feather in my cap! Pick up a copy at Amazon.

This is a rough video I did when I started my first book project years back. Goofy, I know. I have since then changed the book title, along with my writing style. Dance moves are original, so is the bandaid on my finger. 

Professor Pussifutti granted permission to share. The fabulous background music by the Animators!