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   Want to travel way outside the box and meet quirky, lovable, incorrigible, and nutty characters taking life by the horns...their way? Bound to find a place in your heart, their stories will pop up in your head forever.

   I have dedicated a shorter story section (BM) designed for you members of the Throne Readers Club.   

   These stories were previously Published in Woman's Weekly UK

 - Old Paul Elly, Twinkie in the Pantry   and  Me and Shirley

   "The Gift" and "Aftermath" stories were published in Adelaide Literary Mag NY/Lisbon. 


   The Juicy Parts and other quirky stories published in Nov 2020

   and a second edition in 2022.

   A Woman Always Knows, published by Pure Luck Press Oct 2021

   Humble Fumble, published by Pure Luck Press March 2022

   Happy Hour Fools published by Pure Luck Press Sept 2022

2nd edition

The Juicy Parts cover.png
Cover-The Juicy Parts-Libby Belle.jpg

Cover by

Matt Bryer


Cover art by

Jake Bryer

Happy Hour Fools front.jpg

Cover by

Libby Bryer

Cover art by

Jake Bryer


Click the pic and take a peek

  • A traveling bible salesman is tricked by a muse

  • A young man's sexuality is stumped by chronic hiccups

  • A dumped wife faces the slammer

  • A loony massage therapist unnerves her client

  • Teens, zombies and a couple of ghosts with a message

  • A washed-up porn star longs for attention

  • The green-eyed monster strikes hard

  • Girlfriends vie for a widower

  • A second marriage goes sour

  • Buck naked and frustrated Mel seeks refuge 

  • A Scottish Terrier and an elderly teacher find their lost dignity

  • A wealthy wallflower is taken advantage of by a gay couple

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