If you're looking to read stories with words like vicissitude, chthonic, or oeuvre, you won't find them in mine. I write purely to entertain:  introducing quirky, lovable, incorrigible, and funny characters that yearn to find a place in your heart.

   I also have a shorter story section (BM) designed for you members of the Throne Readers Club.   

   Need a new gift idea? Wrap up a Libby Belle collection of short stories, a six-pack of toilet paper, and a bottle of wine. Meant for fun reading - a short break from reality.   Cheers!


Published in Woman's Weekly UK


Twinkie in the Pantry


Me and Shirley


"The Gift" and "Aftermath" were published in Adelaide Literary Mag NY/Lisbon and my first book by this beautiful company is out now - Nov 2020 



The Juicy Parts book.png
Cover -Juicy Parts.jpg

Cover by

Matt Bryer

Cover art by

Jake Bryer


Take a peek...

  • A traveling bible salesman is tricked by a muse

  • A young man's sexuality is stumped by chronic hiccups

  • A dumped wife faces the slammer

  • A loony massage therapist unnerves her client

  • Teens, zombies and a couple of ghosts with a message

  • A washed-up porn star longs for attention

  • The green-eyed monster strikes hard

  • Girlfriends vie for a widower

  • A second marriage goes sour

  • Buck naked and frustrated Mel seeks refuge 

  • A Scottish Terrier and an elderly teacher find their lost dignity

  • A wealthy wallflower is taken advantage of by a gay couple

Cover art by

Jake Bryer

Cover by

Libby Bryer

Those of you who have read my stories, your encouragement  has rocked my world!


"I have had the privilege to read Libby’s charming, bighearted short stories, filled with entertainment. You read one, then you can’t wait to read the next; all different, never the same in scope. An unfaltering storyteller, Libby writes each story with fluidity, grace and with so much creativity, she’ll leave you with a smile. I found myself cheering for each new character she creates with an explosion of warmth and celebration. Enchanting - I can see any one of them being made into a screenplay. It’s a rare talent to write short stories and make it seem as if you wrote a novel in each story." 

- Evelyn M. Turner, Author of The Star and the Cross, Shelly's Quest, and Crawling Out of the Darkness


"Charming, moving and always entertaining, even while reading the rough drafts."   - Dr. Robert Radmer, Conductor/Musician/Editor


“These stories are fun and captivating. Great for gifts and one for the house."     - Michelle Williams, Attorney 


A+++!  When you’re famous, can I say we are friends?"     - Joyce (B as in Beautiful) Brown, Caretaker for the dying

"From the beginning Libby has not deviated from her desire to write short stories. As you will see, she brings a fresh approach to the table. Fun, entertaining and interesting, and expect a twist that you did not expect!" - Billy Wilson, Austin musician/songwriter


"Much more than entertained. The story, Paul Elly, is very moving."    -Rebecca C. Dickens, Class of '71


"You have a most awesome sense of humor and take on the real side of life."      -Barb Smith Butzen, Sheboygan Wisconsin