If you're looking to read stories with words like vicissitude, chthonic, or oeuvre, you won't find them in mine. I write purely to entertain:  introducing quirky, lovable, incorrigible, and funny characters that yearn to find a place in your heart.

   I also have a shorter story section (BM) designed for you members of the Throne Readers Club.   

   Need a new gift idea? Wrap up a Libby Belle collection of short stories, a six-pack of toilet paper, and a bottle of wine. Meant for fun reading - a short break from reality. 


Published in Woman's Weekly UK


Twinkie in the Pantry


Me and Shirley


"The Gift" and "Aftermath" were published in Adelaide Literary Mag NY/Lisbon and my first book will be published by this beautiful company in Fall 2020.



Cover -Juicy Parts.jpg

Cover by

Matt Bryer

Cover art by

Jake Bryer


Take a peek...

  • A traveling bible salesman is tricked by a muse

  • A young man's sexuality is stumped by chronic hiccups

  • A dumped wife faces the slammer

  • A loony massage therapist unnerves her client

  • Teens, zombies and a couple of ghosts with a message

  • A washed-up porn star looks for attention

  • The green-eyed monster strikes hard

  • Girlfriends vie for a widower

  • A second marriage goes sour

  • Buck naked and frustrated Mel seeks refuge 

  • A Scottish Terrier and an elderly teacher find their lost dignity

  • A wealthy wallflower is taken advantage of by a gay couple

Cover art by

Jake Bryer

Cover by

Libby Bryer