The Fam!  "What book?"

Wall of Love

My brother, Marshall co-wrote "Fear 101." He kept me from killing off the main character.

Tonya Bills - waiting to hear what's your favorite story

Jeanie Matthews. - "The Gift"story was inspired by this fun lovin' lady.

Liz Stotts. - Great setting to read these stories.

Billy Wilson of Latin At Heart- Geesh, what story is he reading, anyway?

My friends, Wendy Savage, Chris and Simone Guidry rock my world!

Evelyn M. Turner, author     The Star and the Cross and Crawling out of the Darkness Favorite story "A Simple Lie" and "Beyond the Wall"

Kellie O. Rea - standing tall for all women!

Wendy Savage - reading and enjoying on her magical deck. Wouldn't her name be great for a super hero? Am working on that!

Davey and Mary Dekker of Sheboygan Wisconsin (can't get any cuter than this couple!)

Steven McBrearty, author The Latin Sub - Impure Thoughts and One Man's Definition of Mortal Sin and a slew of published stories.

Jack & Emily Jensen with special guests Jeff and Jan -"Enjoying a fun read while waiting for the turkey to finish. Happy Thanksgiving!!!"

Scott Vreeke, Sheboygan's finest says he's a fan!

My Youngest Fan - My grand niece Trinity Rea! 4 yrs old. Ha! ha! ha!

Lovely Vivian Green especially likes A Tepid Man and Any Attention.

Herb Koene, the talk of Sheboygan and buddy, Scottie V. (the stories between these two would curl my toes!)

Dennis Wiesner - had to arm wrestle him and buy him a beer to get this pic! 

Melody and Michael Green - who knew this cute couple could read upside down. Totally impressed! 

Libby Belle

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