Fam and Book.jpg

The Fam!  "What book?"

Liz Stotts.jpg

Wall of Love


My brother, Marshall co-wrote "Fear 101." He kept me from killing off the main character.

Tonya Bills - waiting to hear what's your favorite story

Jeanie M.jpg

Jeanie Matthews. - "The Gift"story was inspired by this fun lovin' lady.

Liz Stotts. - Great setting to read these stories.

Billy Wilson.jpg

Billy Wilson of Latin At Heart- Geesh, what story is he reading, anyway?

Chris, Simone and Wendy.jpg

My friends, Wendy Savage, Chris and Simone Guidry rock my world!

Evelyn Turner, author.jpg

Evelyn M. Turner, author The Star and the Cross and Crawling out of the Darkness Favorite story "A Simple Lie" and "Beyond the Wall"

Kelli Rea.jpg

Kellie O. Rea - standing tall for all women!

Wendy Savage - reading and enjoying on her magical deck. Wouldn't her name be great for a super hero? I'm working on that!

Jack, Em, Jeff and Jan.jpg
Davey and Mary.jpg

Dave and Mary Dekker of Sheboygan Wisconsin (can't get any cuter than this couple!)

Steve McBrearty.jpg

Steven McBrearty, author The Latin Sub - Impure Thoughts and One Man's Definition of Mortal Sin and a slew of published stories.

Jack & Emily Jensen with special guests Jeff and Jan -"Enjoying a fun read while waiting for the turkey.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!"

Trish Lebo.jpg

Trish Lebo - a 

fabulous spirit!

Niece and TJP.jpg
Scott Vreke.jpg

Scott Vreeke, Sheboygan's finest says he's a fan!

Vivian Green JP.jpg

Lovely Vivian Green especially likes A Tepid Man and Any Attention.

My Youngest Fan - My grand niece Trinity Rea! 4 yrs old. Ha! ha! ha!

Koene -Vreeke.jpg

Herb Koene, the talk of Sheboygan and buddy, Scottie V. (the stories between these two would curl my toes!)

Mary Fitzpatrick.JPG

Mary Fitzpatrick - 2-hr layover with my book. Perfect!

Dennis Wiesner.jpg

Dennis Wiesner - had to arm wrestle him and buy him a beer to get this pic! 

Lark Beaugureau.jpg

Lark Beaugureau - "I love your book and all your heartwarming stories." 

Mel and Mikey.jpg

Melody and Michael Green - who knew this cute couple could read upside down. Totally impressed! 

Glen White.jpg

Glen White - class of 71' and an Astros fan to boot!

Those of you who have read my stories, your encouragement  has rocked my world!


"Charming, bighearted short stories, filled with entertainment. You read one, then you can’t wait to read the next; all different, never the same in scope. An unfaltering storyteller, Libby writes each story with fluidity, grace and with so much creativity, she’ll leave you with a smile. I found myself cheering for each new character she creates with an explosion of warmth and celebration. Enchanting - I can see any one of them being made into a screenplay. It’s a rare talent to write short stories and make it seem as if you wrote a novel in each story." 

- Evelyn M. Turner, Author of The Star and the Cross, Shelly's Quest, and Crawling Out of the Darkness

“These stories are fun and captivating. Great for gifts and one for the house."     - Michelle Williams, Attorney 


A+++!  When you’re famous, can I say we are friends?"     - Joyce (B as in Beautiful) Brown, Caretaker for the dying

"From the beginning Libby has not deviated from her desire to write short stories. As you will see, she brings a fresh approach to the table. Fun, entertaining and interesting, and expect a twist that you did not expect!" - Billy Wilson, Austin musician/songwriter


"Much more than entertained. The story, Paul Elly, is very moving."    -Rebecca C. Dickens, Class of '71


"You have a most awesome sense of humor and take on the real side of life."      -Barb Smith Butzen, Sheboygan Wisconsin