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New Release!           Author Events

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Austin Art Garage in Austin, TX
Saturday, June 8th  5-7:00pm

The Book Matters in Milford, OH
Wednesday July 17th  6:00 pm

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Coming Fall/Winter 2024 
Keep Austin Weird
Mystery Romance Series

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"A Woman Always Knows"

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--- Author/Playwright - 6 novels, over 100 scripts, numerous works of fiction, essays, and memoirs 

"At first you think these stories are about outlandish situations and strange characters. But look closer, and there’s something familiar. Wrapped in humor, there is sadness and joy, injury and kindness, loneliness and friendship — and, of course, love.  This is Libby Belle’s gift:  to sketch a world you can hardly imagine but color it with details you know.  You’ll lose yourself, then find yourself, in these fantastic stories." Don Tassone, author of Francesca

"I loved this book. It had me laughing and crying. The characters are brilliantly written, with each story I wanted more, within each story is a small novel. They had me thinking of people that have passed through my life. I look forward to more of her books."

-Evelyn M. Turner, author of “The Star and the Cross” and the sequel,

“Crawling out of the Darkness."

“There are stories inside of all of us. Good ones, too. Just hidden there like fancy feathers, waiting to be plucked.” These lines from her story, As Long as You’re Here, are exactly what Libby Belle has done! She has masterfully plucked personal and borrowed life-experiences to give us original, juicy, quirky, humorous and vastly delightful and entertaining tales. You’re going to love her characters, her stories, her artful way with words and Libby herself.            

- Patricia Goitia Lebo

5.0 out of 5 stars    Bet you can’t read just one!

Funny, Moving, Poignant - Reviewed in the US on Nov 29, 2020 

Ms.Belle is an outstanding chronicler of relationships - good relationships, oddball relationships, failing relationships. I just wanted to keep reading one story after the next. 

- Avid Book Reader

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