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         Prop up a pillow and grab your favorite drink.

                                                    Time to escape!


News Release!  My first of four books is published              by Adelaide Books NY/Lisbon in Print and E-Book

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"After reading "The Gift," the first story in this collection, I knew I was in for a wild ride. These stories are, as advertised, quirky. But there's real depth here too — in the characters, the relationships, the insights into the human condition. Great storytelling. "Out of Luck" is a tale as sad and sweet as any you'll read all year. Ms. Belle's writing is very accessible — breezy and gritty with generous helpings of warmth and humor. I very much look forward to reading more of her work." -Don Tassone, author of 2 novels and 5 short story collections, Sampler and New Twists in 2020

Funny, Moving, Poignant - Reviewed in the US on Nov 29, 2020 

These stories are not just funny, but happy and sad and poignant, too - filled with emotion. Ms.Belle is an outstanding chronicler of relationships - good relationships, oddball relationships, failing relationships. I just wanted to keep reading one story after the next.  - Amazon Review