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Those of you who have read my stories, your encouragement  has rocked my world!

"I have had the privilege to read Libby’s charming, bighearted short stories, filled with entertainment. You read one, then you can’t wait to read the next; all different, never the same in scope. An unfaltering storyteller, Libby writes each story with fluidity, grace and with so much creativity, she’ll leave you with a smile. I found myself cheering for each new character she creates with an explosion of warmth and celebration. Enchanting - I can see any one of them being made into a screenplay. It’s a rare talent to write short stories and make it seem as if you wrote a novel in each story." 
- Evelyn M. Turner, Author of The Star and the Cross and Shelly's Quest

"Charming, moving and always entertaining, even while reading the rough drafts."  
 - Dr. Robert Radmer, Conductor/Musician/Editor

“These stories are fun and captivating. Great for gifts and one for the house."         - Michelle Williams, Attorney 
“A+++!  When you’re famous, can I say we are friends?" 
 - Joyce (B as in Beautiful) Brown, Caretaker for the dying
"Much more than entertained. The story, Paul Elly, is very moving."  
 -Rebecca C. Dickens, Class of '71
"You have a most awesome sense of humor and take on the real side of life."           -Barb Smith Butzen, Sheboygan Wisconsin
Adelaide Literary Magazine NY just published my story in their November 2018 magazine. 

Prop up a pillow and grab your favorite drink when reading these stories. They're meant to be fun.

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