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   You won’t find words like vicissitude, legume or oeuvre in my stories (oh wait, I did get a kick out of using the word logorrhea). But you will find charming, captivating and entertaining tales of human interaction with lovable, incorrigible, complex characters that exist in all of us. And you just might be pleasantly surprised by the message I sneak in just to wake you up.
   Need a new gift idea? Wrap up a Libby Belle collection of stories, a roll of toilet paper and a bottle of wine.
Meant for fun reading - a short break from reality. 

   I also have a section in each book designed for you members of the Throne Readers Club.
BM (BATHROOM MATERIAL)          I came from a one-bathroom family, and there were seven of us! That kind of closeness makes for a whole lot of humor, and one of the reasons why I dedicated a chapter of short stories to be read in that particular room. Some are written for those quick trips; others written for those wonderful leg-numbing visits when the bathroom is truly yours and for another thirty minutes thereafter. I really believe that this is where these stories belong - in the only room in the house where we truly let it all go!
   This is my favorite t-shirt, old and dilapidated with lots of stains on it and a cool quote from Socrates:
"The only thing I know is that I don't know anything."
    Behind every one of those stains is a story. Something as simple as that can spark the imagination. In between the imaginary lines of my stories is sometimes the truth. And that, my friend, is what I think short story writing is all about.

Published in Woman's Weekly UK

Published in Adelaide Literary Mag

            Cover Art by Matthew Bryer

          Photo Art by Jake Bryer
          Photo Art by Jake Bryer                  

              Cover by Libby Bryer


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Prop up a pillow and grab your favorite drink when reading these short stories. They're meant to be fun.