Libby Belle - Creative (Quirky) Writer
Short Stories                                by Libby Belle

Those of you who have read some of my quirky stories, your encouragement  has rocked my world!
"Charming, moving and always entertaining, even while reading the rough drafts."  
- Dr. Robert Radmer, Conductor

“These stories are fun and captivating. Great for gifts and one for the house."                           - Michelle Williams, Attorney 
“A+++!  When you’re famous, can I say we are friends?”
 - Joyce (B as in Beautiful) Brown, Caretaker for the dying                        
"Much more than entertained. The   story, Paul Elly, is very moving." Rebecca C. Dickens, Class of '71 

"You have a most awesome sense of humor and take on the real side of life. I so wish I could express myself that way."                    Barb Smith Butzen, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Cover Art by Matthew Bryer

Copyright © 2012 by Libby Belle Bryer
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